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But We Are Providing Healthcare To Women!.


Notice that the tactic of the left is to always disingenuously frame the debate such that being against their dogmas makes not an iota of difference to being for the torture of kittens. If you’re against what they do, why, you must be a terrible person!

Us pro-lifers are not against providing healthcare to women, we’re against the mass-slaughter of infants. Because that’s what abortion is — it’s pre-natal infanticide. In fact it would be more suitable for Planned-Parenthood to change their logo from a double P to a swastika surrounded by infant skulls.

And, make no mistake about it, if you support Planned-Parenthood, after — actually, even before — these latest revelations about them, then you might as well be a card-carrying member of the German National Socialist Party. A persuasive argument can even be made that the Nazis had a more rational basis for their actions, as it was said to be all for a greater Germany, while yours on the other hand is simply for your own convenience.

All the arguments against an unborn’s right to live can just as well be made for the just-born. And the sufficiently intelligent among them know it, which is why there is a growing fringe among them advocating for the right to late-term abortion, and another smaller faction of them outright advocating for the right of a mother to kill her newborn. And they aren’t merely a lunatic fringe; they are intellectuals, some of whom hail from Oxford.

This is why it shouldn’t be at all surprising that with regards to the realization of their goals, they see more expedience in eschewing dialectical arguments in favor of rhetorical ones to disqualify their opponents before their illogic can be exposed.