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Lying Liars Who Lie


Well, yes they are, you idiot:

Abby Johnson, 35, who is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, says Planned Parenthood staffers would receive $20 for “coercing” women to donate tissue from their aborted babies:

“It depended on how much Planned Parenthood was getting per research participant. For our fetal tissue study, we got paid about $200 per baby that we sent. If I recall correctly, I think the compensation to the staff was about $20 per enrollment. If it was a minor study … one time we did a study where they were testing different kinds of pap brushes … we got about $5 for each patient.”

I suppose the only logical conclusion to all of this must be that Abbey is a mysogynist who hates women and wants to refuse them mammograms and stuff. Hmm? Either that or this interview had been highly edited — I think, Donald Trump is involved.

In my other post on this, I made a mistake, actually. I likened abortionists to Nazis. But I should probably apologize as that is highly unfair to the members of the German National Socialist Party.