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Feelings.. Nothing More Than Feelings..

How nice.

Suppose someone imagines himself to be a slug, rubs oil all over his body and rolls around all day in his backyard, comporting himself, basically, slug-like, and insists — no, demands — he be referred to by others with the pronoun ‘it’.

Suppose, too, that a powerful hive-mind (read: a group of bullies) had collectively suddenly decided that telling him he’s not actually a slug and is really a man is a jarring, unforgivable slight against all that is good in this world and can get one to not only lose his job but to also go down on his knees offering obsequious apologies and vows to reform.

Suppose, also, that the argument offered pro our subordination to this insane state-of-affairs — which, as it were, required we not only acted around the man as though he were a slug but that we also referred to him using the ‘proper pronouns’ and joined an irrational mob in demanding for others to do the same — is simply that, according to the man, he identifies as a slug.


Well, welcome.. to America. Where it’s said that reality can simply be felt into existence!