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Feelings.. Nothing More Than Feelings..

How nice.

Suppose someone imagines himself to be a slug, rubs oil all over his body and rolls around all day in his backyard, comporting himself, basically, slug-like, and insists — no, demands — he be referred to by others with the pronoun ‘it’.

Suppose, too, that a powerful hive-mind (read: a group of bullies) had collectively suddenly decided that telling him he’s not actually a slug and is really a man is a jarring, unforgivable slight against all that is good in this world and can get one to not only lose his job but to also go down on his knees offering obsequious apologies and vows to reform.

Suppose, also, that the argument offered pro our subordination to this insane state-of-affairs — which, as it were, required we not only acted around the man as though he were a slug but that we also referred to him using the ‘proper pronouns’ and joined an irrational mob in demanding for others to do the same — is simply that, according to the man, he identifies as a slug.


Well, welcome.. to America. Where it’s said that reality can simply be felt into existence!


Arthur Ashe Must Be Turning In His Grave


Courage used to be about doing things one rather not do but for which a moral imperative exists. It’s about doing things that need to be done despite all the disincentive involved. So why they award someone who did what he did for no one else and nothing else other than his own vanity, and who then thusly encourages others to do the same, is what the outrage is all about.

Caitlyn — no, Bruce– Jenner, does not deserve an award. Neither does he deserve recognition for mutilating himself into being someone he isn’t, nor can he rationally be said to be a ‘hero’. There isn’t anything courageous about what he’s done. In fact he’s made more money off of these recent shenanigans than most people would make had they had a hundred lives to live.

Body dysmorphia is a mental disorder. Bruce Jenner’s condition is a form of it. But somehow when it involves the genitals, you’ll get a powerful interest group backing you up who has the power to bully everyone else into accepting their narrative, and then suddenly it not only becomes kosher, it becomes something for which you can be said to have courage and be a hero about.

Society isn’t going down the toilet. It’s been in that fecal stew of ‘progressive’ irrationality for a few decades now. It’s only now that people are noticing the stink and calling it for what it is. And now, more than ever, one must pay zero attention to those who bully others with words like “intolerant” and “bigot” into accepting that that stink is the sweet smell of ‘progress’. One must refuse to be bullied into calling this shit they feed us caviar, since we damn well know it isn’t.

Ayn Rand..


presciently foretold the coming of people like Bruce Jenner:

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by precedent, by implication, by erosion, by default, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other—until the day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.” – Ayn Rand

For all her nauseating blowhardiness and philosophical ineptitude, she at least got a couple of things right. The tactic is really simple: defining yourself in terms of what you indulge in gives you warrant in taking any criticism of your behaviour as a personal affront. Anyone who disagrees with what you do can now be said to be an intolerant bigot. Because,  by spinning the narrative as progressives are wont to do, what you do, or rather what you like doing, has magically now become who you are. We are reliably informed by ‘progressives’, however, that the exception is religion, where it’s possible to mock the idea and not the person. Sounds familiar, does it not?