I’m Miguel. I’m using this blog as a platform for my opinions and ideas – Politics, punditry, Religion, Philosophy, Science, pop-culture and maybe some Apologetics.

  1. Outstanding blog love it. honest average mans opinions. sorting through all the atheist crap out there. keep up the good work. younger people need to hear this before they fall for the “it’s cool to be and atheist so I can think my self much smarter than you”.. Dumb.

  2. 1, The Cosmological Argument, 2, The Moral Argument, and 3, The Historicity of the man Jesus.

    1. solves nothing. 2. Still burdened with the problem of evil. 3. people are refuting that a rabbi named jesus ever existed.

  3. Interesting blog. I’m just wondering if you have any compelling piece here to argue in favor of adopting religion, case being specifically for a young adult who has never been taught to believe in a god, and does not see any need for it, both spiritually and morally speaking.

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