Silly White Knights…

White Knights

A well-meaning white knight belatedly realizes that the last thing professional victims want is help (emphasis added):

“I started advocating for women in engineering in 2006 when my dean at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, Kristina Johnson, made me aware of the declining numbers of women entering the field. As a former tech entrepreneur, I found the situation alarming. I had spent the last few years researching how education, immigration, and entrepreneurship drive innovation. The fact that half of our population was being left out of the fields most important to our future seemed deeply wrong to me.[..]

Over the past few weeks, I have been accused of financial impropriety, arrogance and insensitivity, and sexual harassment. You expect these types of insults from bloggers, but I was quite surprised to find them coming from a National Public Radio affiliate, WNYC..[..] WNYC published a podcast titled “Quiet, Wadhwa.” It criticized me for “taking the oxygen out of the room” by “speaking for women.” There were more than 11 minutes of inaccuracies and innuendo made against me without even an attempt at fact-checking — despite the serious nature of the charges. The vast majority of allegations would not have passed a simple Google search.[..] WNYC completely disregarded the fact that I routinely share my media platform with women and regularly refer journalists to women in tech….

I was accused of profiting from the pain and suffering of women.

I may have made the mistake of fighting the battles of women in technology for too long. And I may have taken the accusations too personally. Today there is a chorus of very powerful, intelligent, voices who are speaking from personal experience. The women who I have written about, who have lived the discrimination and abuse, as well as others, deserve the air time. So I am going to bow out of this debate.”

Well. How unsurprising.

Clearly, some feminists were able to adequately project onto this poor white knight their own psychological motivations for doing what they do.

The lesson, of course, is that no matter how much one sympathizes with one or more of their pet social-justice causes, one aids a feminist at his own eventual peril. Since it’s not actual help they want, rather, what they want is attention — that they be seen as somehow morally superior — and an excuse for their own shortcomings. Both of which they expressly attain by playing the role of the oppressed victim.

Because feminism is now often merely a word used as a ticket to the oppression olympics, where the more oppressed one is perceived to be, the more morally superior one becomes, and the more one gets to excuse their failures on the amorphous concept of male privilege and the patriarchy.

Only an idiot wouldn’t want equal rights for women. Conversely, only an idiot would think that “equal rights” are what today’s feminists are about.


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