Third-Wave Feminism. Manufacturing Outrage Since 1990.


Not that I give a rodent’s posterior about Dawkins, of course. He’s a guy who’s made a living out of peddling strawmen. And it’s more than a little befuddling that he doesn’t see the irony in accusing his critics of bullying when he has gone on record as saying that mocking and ridiculing the religious is an expedient way of convincing others that religion is bull-plop. But I am slightly bemused by the fact that it was not just a bit more than a moment ago when this guy served as the low-rent atheist’s template for rationality. He was voted one of Britain’s top intellectuals and was part of Time’s most influential list. Now though, he has, according to one influential atheist blogger, “been eaten by the brain parasites..”

Why is the world’s most famous anti-theist now being abruptly purged from the godless left’s pantheon? Well, because, for them, Dicky Dawkins is being insufficiently subordinate to the feminist cause. And behaviour like that simply won’t fly. I mean, how dare he tweet his support for Christina Summers who’s been vocally against ‘victim feminism’!

If you want another illustration of how feminists infiltrate movements and interest groups then inject their ideas and attempt to eliminate those who don’t fall in line, this Dawkinsian affair will be as good as any. They’ve done it to hollywood; they’ve done it to the comic book industry; they’ve done it to the occupy movement; they’re now doing it to science fiction writing and the video game industry. See, nowadays, you can’t just make a video game or write a novel or do anything else for that matter that’s enjoyable or will turn a profit, you’ll have to incorporate strong female characters, avoid sexist tropes and do a score of other things first, nevermind whether any of them had an iota of contextual sense — because feminist feelings. You’ll be well-advised — well advised! — to consider these feelings, which will be tricky considering ‘feelings’ is one thing they have in abundance, and anyone who’s been careless enough to offend them is a horrible, horrible, evil, potential-rapist, misogynist bastard who needs to check his privilege. Attempting to safely navigate through the minefield that is the feminist brain is also a fool’s errand, because they, day in and day out, trip themselves over looking for things to be outraged about. It’s true.

Equal rights, sure, sign me up, why the hell not. That’s how it should be. But that’s unfortunately not what today’s social justice warrioring feminists are about, despite all the effort on display trying to couch it in those terms — like what we saw in the recent platitudinous speech of one famous feminist. Oh no, no, gone are the old-school, ‘first wave’, equity feminists of the past who, like Christina Summers, were genuinely against inequality. Now, they’re more about hypersensitivity and manufacturing outrage by blowing things out of proportion so that others won’t escape noticing how such special snowflakes they are. In fact, here’s an example of them doing just that.


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