Feminists vs 4Chan. Score so far: Feminists 0, 4Chan 1,000,000,000.

It’s just funny what happened, really. I mean, sure, 4Chan is a place that’s filled to the brim with enough crazy batshit to make Charles Manson’s wrinkly and lice-infested bottom feel at home. But at least, much unlike the feminists of Tumblr who continually delude themselves that they’re doing the ‘right’ thing (like the inane crap they do to stick it to the ‘patriarchy’) 4Chan makes no bones about admitting they do it for the giggles.

Of course, the amusing thing here is that the outcome was predictable even to one who was overdosing on opioids, and that it was originally the feminists who wanted to shut down 4Chan, only to belatedly realize that they are like little bunny rabbits attempting to vanquish a velociraptor.

The video below explains much of what happened.


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