KFC Hoax


Remember Balloon Boy? Or the gay waitress who was given a rude “tip”? Or how about the gay couple whose garage was vandalized? Or the girl — whowuzit? — on whose face acid was recently thrown? (Actually, this may have happened a long while back.) Those were all hoaxes. Balloon Boy wasn’t on some stupid weather balloon. The gay waitress received nothing like the “tip” she claimed to have received (the asshole..). It’s true the gay couple’s garage was vandalized — by themselves! And the girl who claimed to have had acid thrown at her face in fact did it to herself for attention.

Pretty much like this latest sob-story, it seems. I thought it fishy that they’re claiming a scarred 3 year-old was asked to leave KFC because she is ‘scaring’ customers. That is just so unlikely to happen in real-life, and moreso in a place like KFC. It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

It’s also mildly amusing that some commenters who’ve been pilloried at the comboxes of some news sites for expressing their suspicions about the whole thing are now having the last laugh.

Now, through the donations of some extremely gullible people, the grandma — and quite obviously the perpetrator of this hoax — is more than a hundred thousand dollars richer than she was a moment ago. I am downright annoyed by this.

If there’s any real victim here, it’s not the people who sent in donations — it serves them right losing a bit of money for being so gullible. Rather it’s the 3-year-old girl who is being used by a bunch of people who seem to have less than the required number of brain cells to make informed decisions.


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