Dear Lucerne, Distributor Of The Very Best Watches.

(The letter I’ve been itching to send, but probably won’t)

To whom it may concern,

The purpose of this letter is two-fold:

To request a copy of the CCTV footage of your CHRONOS Glorrietta 3 Branch that’s dated September 11, 2013 (around 11AM to 1PM), which I and the proper authorities can use to identify the thief who stole my credit cards, which had subsequently been used to make illegal purchases from your store. And, 2, to complain about your — to put it mildly — very unhelpful sales rep., Andrea Gaddi, who, apparently, is the only person anyone can talk to regarding such matters, and is to whom all request letters and the like must be addressed. Oddly enough, if she were to be believed, you have no head office; no manager; no one in charge one can call to request a copy of the CCTV footage; nobody one can call to request anything for that matter; none, zip, nada, zilch, as she, and only she, so ‘she’ kept saying, is in charge, and is the final arbiter on whether to accede to petitions of this sort.

Ms. Gaddi willingly gave zero information on the criminal use of my credit cards, citing proper sales rep etiquette as the reason, ironically after having unscrupulously accepted a credit card earlier on with nary a request for proper identification, despite that it was a relatively costly purchase from someone about whom she knew exactly zero (?).

She even at one point blatantly accused me of attempting credit card fraud because I was asking for information on the one by whom I was victimized of credit card fraud! (Ms. Gaddi’s sms, copied verbatim: “Kung kau po c ____? pano nyo po nlaman n globe ang # nung ngnakaw sa niyo…?” )

(No. We didn’t discuss the whole thing through sms. I closed the phone, then she texted that. It was thusly clearly a gibe.)

This (read: that all request letters are to be addressed to her and her refusal to provide information on the illegal transaction) is all something I find bizarre, if not downright fishy.

But, perhaps I should let that all pass.

My wallet and all the credit cards therein were stolen at Mcdonalds Fort Bonfacio around 4AM last 11th of September. The thief, as told to me by Citibank, used my credit card to purchase a watch from your shop. I’ve reported it lost and filed a police report with the Taguig Police Department since then. I’ve requested the Mcdonalds branch to procure for me a copy of the CCTV footage of their premises during the time I was there. Happily, they’ve immediately complied, and the thief is now at least slightly physically identifiable. What I need to do now is to match his identity to the one who illegally used my credit card. Hence this request for a copy of the CCTV footage.

Here’s hoping for a more favourable reply.

Thank you.


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