He Has Risen.


It is a big, if not a grave, mistake likening God to a magical genie, or a vending machine, who, after having been sufficiently propitiated, makes your life all better, gives you that job or that plush vacation. That’s what prosperity gospel preachers want you to believe and hope for to justify the filling of their own coffers. But believe, you shouldn’t, for God wants you to be spiritually prosperous, not financially so.

We’ve been living, as it were, in debauchery — pathetically to the point where we feel entitled to it. And when the proverbial shit hits the fan, we cry out to the Lord for respite. Despite that we are the heirs of a very prosperous and peaceful generation, it’s not all singing around the campfire and it won’t be for long, for Christianity is not and never has been about material gain, but rather is about this man who lived among the poor; was persecuted (then prosecuted); was rejected; was beaten to a bloody heap; and was eventually murdered like a common thug, like, in those days, an animal, for those — for us — he called his ‘friends’. And the sobering reality is that this is the life in which we are being asked as Christians to share.

Stop demanding for that rose garden — all you’ve been able to plunder in this life matters not a whit, for, if you still hitherto need reminding, “as men“, says Publilius Syrus, “we are all equal in the presence of death.

What, then, ultimately, is there to be had from personal gain, as death — nothingness, perhaps — comes to us all and takes it all away.

Make no mistake; there is no hope — not in man, not in anything — except in Him.

Therefore rejoice, for He has risen. And in his rising, therein lies the true hope.


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