R.I.P Christopher Hitchens.

I scarcely ever agreed with the man –except with his stance on abortion, which was interestingly in opposition to his fellow anti-theists. I have always, however, thoroughly enjoyed his prose and other-worldly rhetorical gifts that, even when wrong, never once felt boorish and dull in the way the other horsemen were prone to.

To be honest, I was always somewhat ambivalent about the Hitch’s skewering of religion; one part of me hated him while the other part had a pleasurable frisson by the witness of such formidable intelligence and indefatigable wit.

One thing can be certain; Mr. Hitchens’s mastery of the art of prose will surely be missed by anyone who values the language.

There will never be another Christopher Hitchens. He was always combative, often sneering and bellicose, eviscerating his opponents with remarkable style, humor and wit. And, although he was often wrong, he at least had his heart in the right place.

May his family be at peace, and may God have mercy on his soul.


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