Whining About Facebook Whiners.

One thing about facebook that is particularly annoying is when people post –without the slightest bit of hesitation– short and tediously hortatory tirades about things nobody really cares about. Sure, some people will click the ‘like’ button, or will offer a cheerleading comment or two, egging for you to keep going. But, really, for the most part, nobody cares. Nobody cares about that stranger for whom your mini-diatribe was dedicated, and for what he did — which you’ve laboriously laid out in detail– that’s irked you so much.

You’ve got to be a special kind of narcissist to truly believe anyone actually gives two turds about the fleeting and inconsequential banalities that annoy you during the day. Any sufficiently civilized individual isn’t going to be bobbing his head in approval over your pompous and sermonizing verbal attacks on people who aren’t in the least bit interesting insofar as they’re existence isn’t of any considerable import to the lives of anyone else.

I’m reminded of this one time when a friend (no longer in my friends list) wrote, as her status update, a substantially long invective about some cash registrar who kept asking her questions about her credit card. I was tempted to respond with “cry me a frigging river.” The only thing she was able to achieve with that snotty castigation is a reduced estimation of her by those friends of hers who fell at the higher end of the intelligence bell curve. If you have to whine about someone, or about how bad you *felt* about some situation, you could at least be pithy about it.

What’s worse than the facebook whiner is the incessant facebook whiner. Really, are you so depressed and is your life so mundane that you have to compensate by whining about everything and be telling everyone about it? That peevish snivelling, as you really ought to know, is only succeeding in making you look like a sanctimonious prick who needs to be unfriended like the conspicuous, pus-filled anal wart that you are.

What’s worse than an incessant facebook whiner? The grammatically challenged, incessant facebook whiner. Seriously, educate yourself before making  mindless declamations. The fact that your harangue is a bit more difficult to understand makes it, to that slight extent, more annoying. Although it may on occasion give people a good laugh at your expense, if done too much, it will take everything they have not to pepper spray you in the face.

Bottomline: if it’s anything that will not profit anyone in any conceivable way, then it’s likely better left unsaid.

(I know, this is also a diatribe. But this is also a blog, so it doesn’t count. So shut up.)


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  1. Hahahaha! I love this.

  2. I also see 90% of FB users in it!

  3. hate people who whine about games on face book.its only a game and profits no one

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