Toddler gets run-over twice. Meanwhile, Steven Pinker thinks people are oh-so wonderful.

Vocal new atheist critic of religion, Steven Pinker, in his article Why Is There
, writes:

Far from causing us to become more violent, something in modernity and its
cultural institutions has made us nobler. In fact, our ancestors were far more
violent than we are today.

In Guangdong province, a child was run over twice and was subsequently ignored by dozens of passers-by until an unlikely hero in the form a 57-year-old trash- picker finally stopped to help. (See video here)

This staggeringly horrific incident should be a reminder to all of us to take  seriously the iniquity of human nature, and to doubt the naively optimistic  claims of people like Steven Pinker who are committed to the belief in the  inevitability of society’s moral progress.

But this is, in the end, the only recourse for the naturalist atheist who can’t have faith in God; he must have faith in man.  Yet, if there’s anything of value at all to take from history, and from books like  Golding’s Lord Of The Flies, it’s that one must always, by default, adopt a more inauspicious view of human nature.


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