The Thorn In Palin’s Behind.

When God made Levi in the mold of life, he must’ve put in some extra dumb juice.

The loon is out with yet another tell-all book about the Palins –yknow, those nut heads from Alaska– which he says is an answer to ex-girlfriend Bristol’s book “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” .

Nobody asked, but Levi gave an idea anyway of what his sad, pathetic, dysfunctional brain came up with for the book:

1. He and Bristol were sexually active much earlier than Bristol would like to admit.

2. Bristol wanted a child because she was jealous of Palin’s pregnancy with Trig.

3. Todd Palin, upon learning of Bristol’s pregnancy, told Levi to quit school and get a job.

4. Sarah had intentions of adopting Levi and Bristol’s kid to avoid a scandal.

5. Levi was present at his child’s birth, contrary to Sarah’s claims.

6. Levi denies getting another girl pregnant, contrary to Bristol’s claims.

And, apparently, there’s more hogwash like the above in this book which he’ll be keeping a secret for now, so you’ll just have to buy it upon its release to find out. Oh, Levi, we wait with baited anticipation.

Comparing Levi’s book to cow shit would be an insult to cow shit. At least cow shit can be used to fertilize the soil, whereas Levi’s book only succeeds in making one question what the world is coming to.

Although a persuasive argument can be made that a circus chimp on a typewriter could have written something slightly more appealing to normal sensibilities, what’s surprising, however, is that, where we all once thought Levi was only theoretically capable of reciting the alphabet, for this book, he’s at least, on occasion, been able to put some words together while eschewing incoherence.

Apparently, this rancid stink may be unavailable at most bookstores. Levi assures us, however, that it will be available in a select few, and advices to just follow the people in tin foil hats.

This guy should get a real job and stop milking his 15 minutes to the last drop. Better yet, he should go back to whatever hell-hole in Alaska he was able to worm his way out from. Or maybe, he could wear that deer antler like the demented animal that he is, prance around the hunting areas of Alaska and get himself shot –that would save America a few I.Q. points.


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