GOP Candidates Debate. Hillarity, Then Pain, Ensues.

If you missed the Iowa GOP debate, you’re lucky. But if you insist on chastizing yourself some more, this piece might make you sufficiently propitiated by showing you the kind of idiocy that had transpired. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about the brain-numbing responses that were given. It’s likely America has collectively lost somewhere in the range of 2 I.Q. points for having been subjected to this inane departure from reality, which, under normal circumstances, could have only been justified as a carefully scripted piece of performance art.

One of the more notable things the audience had the misfortune of witnessing was Bachmann’s utterly senseless assertion “In the last two months I was leading on the issue of not increasing the debt ceiling. That turned out to be the right answer”. Ofcourse, this left the audience members, who fall at the higher end of the intelligence bell curve, with wide gaping jaws of incredulity.

I don’t think any of the candidates won. They’ve all accomplished the opposite of what they’ve intended to do –which was to seem like they had some idea on what the hell they were talking about. But, I guess if winning in this instance meant succeeding in making yourself look comparably less of an ass, then Romney won.


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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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