Feminists Can Be Funny.

Nothing will ever be quite as successful in focusing people’s attention to the lamentable plight of feminazis, er.. I mean feminists, like a good-ol slut-walk.

It should be manifestly obvious to any sufficiently intelligent person that walking along the street in full slut-gear will aid in the undoing of gender expectations that are harmful to women.

Why, it’s pretty clear that the best way to end sexist stereotypes is by glorifying misogynistic terms like “slut”.

Nevermind the critics, you feminazis, er..I mean feminists, should walk around with your ass-cracks in plain view to bring home the message that women have a right to dress however which way they please and be free from objectification.

No, this whole thing isn’t stupid at all! Really!

(Being sarcastic. It clearly is.)


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  1. Pretty sure from the signs in the crowd that you missed the point, or maybe not the whole point but you missed probably the main point. If you look at the signs in the background (“It’s a dress not a yes” and “Women against Rape”, for two) the point is more than just that women shouldn’t be objectified but additionally and specifically (the main point) that it is not ok to force yourself on a woman because she is dressed provocatively; she is not “asking for it”. And yes, there are clearly people who still believe that. Like racism, you don’t see that attitude as out in the open as you used to.

    You might think their dress is unfashionable, un-lady-like, or even sinful, but even in 2011 the message they are sending still needs to be sent–even if women paraded around naked it wouldn’t give any man the right to force himself on them.

    “feminazis”, also a misogynistic term. Women still make less for the same job (which has actually been exacerbated by the recession if you check wage and salary data), man-on-woman domestic abuse rates are still higher than they should be, and there is still as far as I can tell a definite movement in Christianity that says women should defer to their husbands. Rush Limbaugh would have everyone believe that all feminists are “feminazis”, but feminist goals are still very relevant today.

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