The Op/Ed Wars. Murdoch Is The Next Maddoff.

"Prison can do what to the anus?"

The phone-hacking debacle that has placed media titan Rupert Murdoch under
parliamentary investigation has amusingly pitted a couple of op/ed writers against each other. Op/ed columnists at the liberal media outfit The New York Times are cheerily rejoicing in Murdoch’s comeuppance, while at least one writer (I’m sure there’s more to come) of the Wall Street Journal, a Murdoch owned outfit, has been keen to point out the former’s double standards in it’s demonization of the use of hacked information while patently supporting and disseminating the similarly ill- gotten ones of Wikileaks.

Of course, I’m with the Times on this one. It won’t take a few brain cells to figure
out who’s barkering. It’s abundantly clear that these quasi Murdoch apologists know very well who butters their bread. Funny they don’t feel the need to distance themselves from the coming excoriation. It won’t be good for Murdoch; his wrinkly aged anus could possibly be headed for sore-dom. And that’s only partially a metaphor; I think we all know what prison boys fancy themselves doing to the lower end of the next man’s alimentary canal.

Oh boy, oh boy! Hope to see more fighting words in the days to come!


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