Dogs Will Eat You.

You understand that I have to eat you, right?

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to get stuck with your dog some place with no access to food, take respite in the knowledge that, should you die first, your dog may yet survive by subsisting on your corpse.

Sure, they’re man’s best friend, but they will eat you if they need to. The remains of a Canadian couple sustained their 7 dogs for more than a week. (read news article here.) It seems the folk wisdom that a dog would rather starve to death before eating its master’s corpse is baloney. This mechanical and instinctive canine bent may leave you disillusioned with the whole ‘man’s best friend’ bit, but don’t discard your pooch just yet for love that’s unrequited, know first that humans would readily do the same. In fact, haven’t we seen this already in some movie somewhere.


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