Frank Bruni’s Interesting Admission

Of course, I know what I'm talkin about!

Frank Bruni’s op/ed piece (found here) for the New York Times raises suspicions about his whole career as a restaurant critic. He writes:

“In the meantime, you can cheat. With the bombardment of references to the obsession du jour comes the ability to be fluent — should you care — in something you haven’t actually experienced.”

I don’t think it will ever be wise to imply that procuring affection by posing as a
sufficiently knowledgable chap on some topic that’s trending could have its purchase. Especially if you’re a Journalist. And If you’re a professional critic, you really ought to avoid making such implications like you would the ebola virus. You’d think common sense would have assured these kinds of mistakes from ever taking place. This guy is the chief restaurant critic of the New York Times. One wonders what the hell he was thinking.


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