Tom Was Right All Along.

Hey Matt: these nuts in yo mouth!

Marcia Angell has written 2 very interesting pieces that would seem to undermine the whole psychiatric shtick of widening the berth and criteria for mental illness to subsume everyone, while championing anti-depressant drugs as a sort of one-size-fits-all magic bullet for countering them.

The pieces can be read here: ‘the Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why’

and here:  ‘The Illusions of Psychiatry’

Marcia, a doctor and a lecturer at Harvard Medicine School, was notably the first woman to edit the very reputable ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ . Her thoughts on the matter are therefore hardly worth being dismissed.

The couch-jumping and belief in an inter-galactic space emperor named ‘Xenu’ (requisite belief of scientology) notwithstanding, Tom wasn’t so crazy after all.

Take that, Matt Lauer.


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