We All Know Life Isn’t Fair, But This Is Ridiculous. (Balloon Boy’s Dad)


You figure life is unfair when a voluminous mass of excrement like Richard Heene, who hoodwinked the world into believing the life of his 6-year-old son, Falcon, hung in the balance aboard a fly-away weather balloon, is going to make more money than you can only dream to make in your lifetime (assuming you’re an average chap).

Richard Heene is a part-time actor, inventor, wannabe storm-chaser and full-time douchebag who, according to Brett Waggoner, the VP of sales, is on his way to making 65 Million Dollars from his latest invention he licensed to AME International: the ‘HeenDuty Truck Transformer’. And I have to admit, as seen from the video, it’s pretty ingenious.

Knowing that this duplicitous boob is still egregiously trying to auction off the infamous weather balloon sort of doesn’t help our egos either. But that’s life. And in this day and age, as evidenced by all the idiots featured in new media, people can do extraordinarily stupid things, become famous, then get their own reality shows. The world isn’t what it used to be; today, there’s scarcely any disincentive for acting like a jackass.


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