When The World Looked On And Did Nothing. The Massacre At Srebrenica.

During the Balkan wars of the 1990’s, General Mladic and his army of Serbs went into the small, quiet, and pristine town of Srebrenica, and ordered the slaughter of around 8,000 Muslim men. This was by far the largest mass murder committed in Europe since World War II. The UN forces — composed of a 400-strong Dutch peace-keeping army — were hamstrung to the point of uselessness, and did virtually nothing to stop the mass execution that took place after the siege of Srebrenica. Hundreds of innocent civilians were blindfolded, trucked to a field, lined up and shot. Those who were still inside the buses –which were used to transport them to their executions– were forced to watch, waiting their turn while others were gunned down. Others were jammed inside nearby warehouses which were subsequently burned down using gunfire and grenades. The world looked on and did nothing as the Balkans were drenched in blood. If Slobodan Milosevic was the ‘Butcher of the Balkans’, then General Mladic was his pitbull.

It would take almost 20 years for justice to come to Srebrenica –especially since Milosevic seemingly escaped its long arm by dying from a heart attack prior to any conviction– General Ratko Mladic, who has been hiding from the Hague, has finally been captured and will soon face charges of genocide and war crimes before the international Criminal Tribunal. And the world really ought not doubt his monstrosity.

It has been speculated that some quarters of the Serbian government, who sympathize with Mladic, had been hiding him for all these years. And, since one of the requirements the European Union imposed in exchange for its acceptance of Serbian membership was that these war criminals be brought to justice, sympathy for Mladic within these quarters has waned, and the noose around him was permitted to get tighter until his eventual capture.

I Hope this guy gets his just desserts. We shouldn’t be fooled by his old, haggardly, and pathetic exterior; this monster is not to be pitied; we should look on, unflinchingly, as this man suffers; we should see him like the piece of meat he once perceived those he happily tortured and killed to be –if for sexual gratification, who knows.


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