Colonel Gaddafi, You’re So Dead.

The West’s opposition to tyrants slaughtering their own people isn’t very consistent. For instance, in some cases — as in China, Syria or Bahrain — they seem to be perfectly fine with it. We’ve all heard the counter-argument before; our inability to right every wrong shouldn’t stop us from righting something wrong. But this is just downright disingenuous given the situation the Western powers are in — particularly the U.S. — and seems like selective abdication of responsibility when it suits the occasion. But such is the nature of foreign policy. As far as I’ve been able to gather, not one member of the U.N. Security Council has any knowledge of who exactly they’re dealing with; who these Libyan rebels are and what they propose after. When the British PM sent the SAS to meet with them, they scarcely received the welcome they were expecting. The presumption that equality and freedom will immediately succeed a newly jettisoned despotic state of affairs is one of the common fallacies of Western thinking — if only it were that simple.

I’m tending to opine that with respect to Libya, we should just let them fight it out, and make friends with the winners after. While this may seem unsympathetic, foreign policy is nothing short of. President Barrack Obama wants to keep it swift, clean and with limited U.S. participation (and it’s ‘iffy’ that they’ll be getting the results they want with such a mind-set), while Colonel Gaddafi promises a long and messy one — unfortunately, most analysts feel that Gaddafi is probably going to win this bet. Let’s hope this does not become another huge poppy-field, the problems of which the U.S. is all too familiar with.

Then again, Gaddafi, from any sane person’s perspective, isn’t someone who will ever rise above the excremental. Getting rid of him would already seem like a good thing in and of itself.


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